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Mat series multi-integrated asphalt equipment

Optional system configuration (system configuration serial number part name description)


First, the matrix asphalt rapidly heats up


1, using heat exchangers or rapid heating tanks;


2, connected in and out, directly heated to the required temperature of production, no need to wait;


3. Flow and temperature can be set and adjusted automatically.


Second, the heat transfer oil boiler


1. Provide a system thermal calculation book;


2, can be supplied, or guide customers to choose their own purchase.


3. Storage, transportation and measurement of matrix asphalt and rubber asphalt


1. The outside of the tank is heated, and the heating does not leave a dead angle;


2. Pressure change level gauge, automatic setting of high and low liquid level and alarm;


3, asphalt pump zero surge full frequency conversion start and speed regulation;


4, the mass flow meter accurately measures, eliminating the defects of the traditional flowmeter volume measurement error;


5, professional design full volume mixing system;


6. Unqualified asphalt mixing equipment.


4. Mixing, conveying and metering of rubber powder


1. Professionally design a full-volume high-speed agitator. Disperse the bottom layer under the suction and scrape the three layers of mixing blades to prevent the powder from flying easily, not mixing, tanking, and burning;


2. Continuous measurement of continuous feeding of rubber powder, instantaneous and cumulative weight display;


3. The feeding speed is automatically matched with the asphalt flow rate;


4. It can be expanded to produce modified asphalt and emulsified asphalt.


5. Homogenization grinding


1. Accelerate homogenization and shorten development time;


2. Electric heating temperature setting and automatic control;


3. The preheating temperature is too low to start self-locking;


4. Overpressure sound and light alarm;


5, zero surge full frequency conversion start and stepless speed regulation;


6, a large range of grinding clearance is convenient to adjust.


Sixth, viscosity value online measurement


1. Keep abreast of the development status of rubber asphalt and master the most important index of rubber asphalt---viscosity;


2. No need to sample and send to the laboratory or measure with a hand-held viscometer.


Seven, stabilizer addition device


1. Professional design pipeline addition method;


2, negative pressure suction, safe self-locking;


3. The feeding speed can be adjusted steplessly, which effectively controls the reaction speed;


4. Avoid local reactions and prevent the rubber chain.


Eight, pipeline


1. Compressed air purging, shortening the warm-up time and preventing the asphalt expansion tube;


2, multi-functional, safe design;


3, detachable pipeline to avoid rubber asphalt expansion pipe.


Nine, automatic / manual control


1. Full computer real-time monitoring and display;


2. Automatic setting, control and multiple calibration of flow, liquid level, pressure and temperature;


3, fully automatic and manual multi-mode selection, one-button switching.

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